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How to Treat Tooth Decay in Children

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Evan
How to Treat Tooth Decay in ChildrenTooth decay is a common dental issue in children. When your baby has tooth decay, you might notice some white spots on their teeth. This is a sign that the enamel is breaking down. You may also find a light brown color on the baby's teeth, the early signs of cavities. These symptoms indicate that it is time to consider professional dental care. The pediatric dentist will start by diagnosing the tooth decay based on dental x-rays, medical history of the child, and examination of the child's mouth. They may then suggest treatment options such as the ones below.

Dental Filling

A dental filling is a restorative procedure common in babies who have more cavities. During dental filling, the pediatric dentist will clean the decayed tooth and fill it with a tooth-colored material such as composite resin or amalgam fillings. The dentist may then suggest a dental crown to cover the filling and restore the functionality of a tooth. The good thing about dental fillings in children is that they save and preserve natural teeth. Preventing the baby's tooth loss is important because losing the tooth can make permanent teeth not grow well.

Root Canal

When the decay advances to the next level, it can damage the center of the tooth, causing swelling and inflammation. In such a case, a root canal may be the only available treatment option. The pediatric dentist will remove the infected nerve or pulp. He will then fill and seal the hole to prevent infection.


When your baby's tooth is severely damaged beyond repair, extraction may be the only treatment procedure to consider. During this procedure, the dentist will give an injection to numb the baby's mouth. Also, they may introduce a laughing gas to allow the baby to relax. After tooth extraction, the dentist will keep the socket open with a space maintainer. This allows permanent teeth to grow in the right manner. Our professionals will help you choose the right treatment for tooth decay in your baby.

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