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Are Jagged Teeth Normal?

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Dental Care of Burlington
3D rendered cross-section view of three teeth with dental crowns made of different materialsYou might notice irregular edges or bumps on the teeth of your child when their first permanent teeth emerge. These bumps, also called mamelons, typically appear on the biting end of the front teeth. They are not often a cause of concern, especially in children. In any case, they usually disappear naturally as your child continues to grow. However, mamelons in adults are dental anomalies that might require intervention to improve your smile. If the disproportionate bumps are sharp, they can scratch the inside of your mouth and cause discomfort. Your dentist can recommend various treatments to fix the issue.

What Are Jagged Teeth?

Jagged teeth are uneven humps that appear on the front teeth. They are normal in children and often go away naturally. They wear down through biting and chewing. While they are harmless, they can impact your oral aesthetics. They can also indicate that you have an issue with your bite. Fortunately, a dental practitioner can restore the natural shape of your teeth through various treatments and dental procedures.

Causes of Jagged Teeth

The causes of jagged teeth vary depending on several factors. In children, uneven teeth are natural. The emerging permanent teeth typically have rough edges to help them erupt through the gums. Mamelons in adults mainly occur because of chipping, resulting from trauma, poor oral health, or normal wear and tear. Dental decay, cavities, and teeth grinding can also cause chipping, increasing the likelihood of jagged teeth.

Treatment Options for Jagged Teeth

Whether to treat jagged teeth or not depends on the severity of the condition. A dental practitioner may recommend treatment if a chipped or broken tooth leaves the inner layer exposed, resulting in increased tooth sensitivity, irritation, or infection.

Possible treatment options include composite bonding, teeth crowns, and dental veneers. Other solutions include tooth contouring, reshaping, and braces. Tooth extraction can be an option before replacing the extracted tooth with dental implants.

Contact Our Practice Today

Jagged teeth are not a serious concern. However, they can dent your smile and cause other oral issues. A dental practitioner can help resolve the issue. Contact us today, and let us restore the natural shape of your teeth.

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