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Should I Bring My Baby to the Dentist With Me?

Posted on 5/1/2024 by Weo Admin
Smiling baby. If you have a new baby in your house, it is only natural to want to bring them everywhere. However, visiting the dentist may not be the perfect place to bring your new son or daughter. Here are some positives and negatives about bringing your baby to visit our dental office.

Why Your Baby May or May Not Want to Go to the Dentist

Many dentists are in favor of visits by very young children, depending on what kind of procedure you are having done. One of the main reasons our dentist may want you to bring the baby is to expose them to dental care. The more young children watch you participate in daily activities, the less scary it will be for them. There are a couple of exceptions to the benefits of your baby visiting the dentist.

What Procedure Are You Having Done?

If you are visiting our office to have a dental procedure done that involves something other than having your teeth cleaned and checked, you do not want to bring your baby to the office. For example, if you are having a tooth filled, the sound of drilling may make a young child upset. Also, it is nearly impossible to hold a baby while you are having a dental procedure, and it could compromise your safety, the safety of the baby, and the safety of our dentist.

How Old Is the Baby?

If your child is under the age of two, they may not even remember visiting the dentist at all. You can choose to bring your baby to our dentist for their own checkup because their first dental visit needs to be around the age of one or when they begin to get their teeth.

It may be better to schedule an appointment for your young child to meet our dentist and have a look around a dental exam room to become familiar with how the dental office works. If you want to bring your child to take a look at our office, we would love to schedule an appointment with you and your child to meet our dentist. Give us a call today.

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