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Ozone therapy in dentistry

Posted on 11/15/2023 by Andrew Admin
Image of a woman smiling before getting a dental veneer placed in her mouth, at Dental Care of Burlington in Burlington, MA.Advancements in technology have led to numerous positive changes in healthcare, including dentistry. One relatively new treatment that is gaining popularity is ozone therapy. Ozone itself is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms. It has been shown to have healing and antimicrobial effects when introduced to biological tissues in precise concentrations. Today, many dentists are adopting ozone therapy as a beneficial addition or alternative to traditional oral treatments.

How Ozone Therapy Works

During an ozone treatment, the gas is applied topically or introduced into a tooth via a small tube. Studies have found that ozone gas can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi - including those that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Additionally, ozone therapy may stimulate circulation, speed healing after procedures, and reduce inflammation and sensitivity.

The Benefits of Ozone Treatments

Patients are finding that ozone therapy is a calming and virtually painless treatment option. The gas is often able to penetrate areas that are difficult to reach with dental instruments alone. Treatments are convenient and can be performed quickly during a routine dental visit. Ozone therapy also reduces the need for anesthetics and uncomfortable drilling. It is suitable for adults and children alike.

The Future of Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

While more research is still needed, current evidence indicates ozone therapy is a smart, non-invasive choice for maintaining good oral health. It has the potential to minimize the need for fillings and extractions. Ozone also appears helpful for treating canker sores, cold sores, and tooth sensitivity. As dental professionals increase their use of ozone therapy, patients can expect a continued decline in tooth decay and related issues. This innovative treatment is giving people another reason to smile about the future of dentistry.

In conclusion, ozone therapy is an exciting new advancement in the field of dentistry. As research demonstrates its safety and efficacy, ozone treatments could become a preferred option over conventional methods for preventing and treating oral health conditions. Patients and dental professionals have good reason to monitor the developing science and technology supporting ozone therapy closely.

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