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Causes Of Bad Breath In Children

Posted on 10/15/2023 by Andrew Admin
Smiling boy with missing tooth, at Burlington, MA.Bad breath can affect anyone, including children. Understanding the potential causes can help address the issue and promote better oral health. Ensure you visit the dentist if your child develops a bad breath that doesn't go away even after brushing. Here are the common causes of bad breath in children:

Poor Oral Hygiene

One of the primary reasons for bad breath in children is poor oral hygiene when the child does not brush well and leaves food particles between the teeth. The foodstuff can then develop into bad breath. Encouraging proper brushing and flossing habits from a young age is essential to prevent this cause of bad breath.

Dehydration And Dry Mouth

A dry mouth from dehydration might cause less saliva to be produced. Saliva is essential for wiping away bacteria and food particles that cause bad breath. Making sure your youngster drinks enough water throughout the day can help combat this halitosis-causing factor.

Eating Smelly Foods

Consuming pungent foods such as garlic can temporarily cause bad breath. These odors can linger on the breath until the body metabolizes the responsible compounds. Encouraging your child to drink water and brush his or her teeth after consuming such foods can help alleviate this issue.

Medications Your Child Is Taking

Some medications can lead to dry mouth as a side effect. A dry mouth can contribute to bad breath. If your child is taking medications, discussing this potential side effect with their healthcare provider can help find ways to manage it.

An Object In Nose

Sometimes, bad breath can be due to a foreign object lodged in a child's nose. Infection and a foul odor may result from this.

Getting medical help is crucial if you have any reason to believe this might be the case. Seek help from our dentist if you notice bad breath in your child.

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