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Why Pediatric History taking is different

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
Why Pediatric History taking is differentPediatric history taking is a unique medical practice. It consists of several assessment steps of the patient health background history. Such steps include:

Past History Taking

Doctors access information on the history of the child's health details such as prenatal history, birth, and postnatal history. In addition, the Pediatrician asks questions about medical history, emergency consultations, and past surgical history, such as dental surgeries.

Growth History taking

Prolonged illnesses and chronic diseases may affect the child's growth. Therefore, asking about the pattern of development of the child is crucial.

Developmental History Taking

Accesses the five elements of development in a child: speech and language, cognitive, social-emotional development, and gross and fine motor which are vital in knowing if the child is experiencing delays in development.

Medication History Taking

The doctor accesses past or non-prescription medications such as vitamins, supplements, and drugs. Also, previous use of herbal medicine and allergies to any drugs or foods is accessed. The Pediatrician also enquires about the child receiving immunization and any additional vaccines such as influenza or travel immunizations.

Family History Taking

The child's ethnicity and past medical occurrence in the family relate to the child's current situation. This allows the Pediatrician to know if the child's condition runs in the family. Also, social history accesses the family's social make-up, such as financial situation, the employment status of the parents or guardians, health covers and plans, and the family composition.

System History Taking

Reviews the child's system, such as the ability to have a good sleep and the functions of the body organs. This stage allows the doctor to examine the child's diet and nutrition history.


It is essential to perform a pediatric history taking with a professional pediatrician who will help you understand better the condition and present state of your child. Please let us know if you have any questions about the history that is taken at your next visit.

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