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Caring for veneers

Posted on 8/22/2022 by Evan
Caring for veneersHaving chipped or misaligned teeth prove to be quite detrimental to one's self-confidence. In modern-day celebrities have embraced veneers to uplift their smiles. But veneers come with their responsibilities, as failure to observe crucial measures to maintain their conditions could damage them. Taking care of veneers is quite simple and involves the following measures.

Proper Oral Hygiene

As expected, brushing your teeth using nonabrasive toothpaste is vital in keeping your veneers in the desired conditions. Our dentists advise brushing your teeth at least twice daily or after every meal. Most people ignore flossing since they frequently brush. However, flossing is as important as brushing as it removes debris and particles from the grooves and protects your teeth, gums and veneers. For patients opting for rinsing solutions, ensure you select alcohol-free mouthwashes as veneers' exposure to alcohol-based solutions fuels staining and deterioration.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth

Bruxism is characterized by grinding or clenching of teeth either unknowingly or knowingly. While bruxism harms your dental health, it also has similar effects on the veneers. Grinding your teeth frequently results in excessive pressure on your teeth and veneers, affecting their usual conditions. It's wise to visit our dentists once you notice signs of grinding or clenching your teeth for further examination and treatment. The dentist may recommend fitting a night guard to prevent asleep bruxism.

Do Not Use Teeth as Tools.

Most people use their teeth to open bottles of soda or new packages as they rush to save time to get a pair of scissors or bottle openers. Such activities are hazardous to your teeth' health and veneers. Frequent biting of complex objects using your teeth can chip off the porcelain materials in the veneers. Therefore, avoiding complex objects such as ice, pens and pencils is crucial as they exert pressure on veneers.
Regular visitation to our offices will ensure proper examination of veneer conditions and offer immediate interventions. Call our offices today to book an appointment.

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